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During my stay in Copenhagen, I had the chance to stay at the Ibsens Hotel, part of the Arthur hotels chain. I was going to stay at their Kong Arthur Hotel, but they were undergoing restoration work. Ibsens Hotel is actually only a 3 star hotel. It is in a good location, central and within walking distance to the sights, and near to the river, which is a fantastic site to be seen! Especially in January when the river is frozen it looks incredible.

The Hotel

The hotel itself is very artsy, the entrance is artsy, modern, art-deco feel, small and intimate. Friendly and accomodating staff, and even though we checked in early, the room was ready. Based on a street, a lot of the rooms have street views, some have views into a small courtyard. Street rooms are great, but of course, naturally a little louder. The hotel offer a lovely service, known as Cosy Hour, which is in the evening and you can pop down to their bar and indulge in a free glass of wine! What a perfect idea! They have a little library/games area which is cute and nice to work in. It really brings the word Hygge to life!

The Room 

The room was a reasonable size, with large windows, and a comfy double bed. However it was lacking in a few of the mod cons, and the room was incredibly cold. Only a radiator that didn't quite cut it for the January sub zero temperatures. The bathroom was sadly quite outdated, with a wet room, and basic ameneities, but it would make very good value for money if you are wanting to have a stop in Copenhagen. The room had a lot of potential, pretty artwork on the walls, small mustard coloured bedside tables and long cream drapes. Staff were very hospitable which made things a little easier and were willing to give us another room, but we opted for the one we already had due to its size and view.

The Restaurant

The Italian restaurant attached to the hotel was very chic and stylish! It was named La Rocco. A little expensive but that is Copenhagen in general and for the quality of food it was worth it. I opted for a vegetarian pizza which was gorgeous! There are plenty of restaurants in the area if you wanted to try something else, nearby a sushi bar, but there is plenty of food inside the hotel and a bar area of the hotel which serve food, drink and coffee.

The Breakfast

The breakfast was traditionally Danish. It had a particularly Danish slant on all food, or known as a nordic buffet! Danish cheeses and pastries. There were no hot food options, but a good selection of hot teas, herbal with lemon and honey which warmed you up. Nice selections of yogurt, and cereal, including healthy seeds and nuts, which I sometimes find to be lacking in other hotels. Four selections of juices and smoothies, and a genral pleasant atmosphere!

I would say the friendly staff and location made it a lovely choice as it is only a 10 minute walk to Rosenborg Castle. I would like to thank Arthur Hotels for this stay. If you would like to book your stay here then click here!

*I was a guest at Ibsens Hotel but all views and thoughts are my own.

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