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Making the most of the British summer is so important. More often than not we're doomed to spend most of our summers indoors, slowly fading away into autumn and then the only thing to look forward to is Christmas. Spending time outdoors is such a brilliant way to socialise, and whether it's a picnic, or an evening drive, you can be sure that you don't have to be too far away from a beloved glass of vino!

Pack up your wine in one of these Lazenne bottle protector pouches, and take it anywhere on the go. It won't leak, it's secure and keeps the alcohol cool. They even have specialised cases, to ensure you can take a large batch of your alcohol abroad, from different coloured and styled cases. Perhaps you're wanting to take some wine home, or take some alcohol overseas as gifts for friends, or it even may be for a wedding or event abroad, Lazenne cases are tailor made to transport bottles. They have every accessory you could wish for when it comes to travelling with bottles of wine! A friendly team and very passionate about food, wine and travel, they provide the perfect service for these easy summer months, when wine and good food is on everyone's lips!

Traveling With Your Wine

These travel friendly, approved by airlines cases and sleeves from Lazenne allow you to travel with your wine or alcohol bottles, in safe and protected pouches. So when you arrive at your destination in the most stunning location, you know your wine evening, sat overlooking the sea is taken care of, and it's perfect if you're wanting to socialise. A lot of holiday destinations don't have convenience stores just around the corner, and if they do, you're likely to pay a pretty penny for the luxury.

Lazenne Wine Pouch

With a warehouse based in France they ship to almost all of Europe and internationally, and there are plenty of styles to choose from for your needs, including long strapped pouches, so you can look ultra stylish heading to the beach! Settling with your wine, and your nibbles whilst on holiday should be an easy delightful task and using your Lazenne means your wine will not get too hot whilst it sits in the sun, and you can be sure there'll be no spillages in your summer beach bag on the way home! Their styrofoam wine shippers, fit many different types of bottles, from beer, to olive oil, there's a secure way to travel with your liquids. Enjoy travelling all over the world, and bring your wine too!

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