"A Place Your Brand Calls Home". This is the fitting slogan penned by HOUSE OF OLITA. An up and coming concept, expanded from a pop up in Houston, Texas in 2019, HOUSE OF OLITA is engraving a business community with boundless creativity.

Imagine a space where ingenuity enkindles endless possibilities for your business; in a city so solidified in everlasting accomplishments, that it’s virtually impossible not to get a twang of thrill in your chest. HOUSE OF OLITA has now launched in New York City and there’s a throng of tantalising updates and information to consume. Founded by bold, brilliant and renowned personalities, Taylor LaShae and Olivia Reagan, this female driven business serves as a treat not only to ambitious and unique female brands and businesses, but to any like-minded company with a vision that can be enhanced with a strong female element. As with any startup or business teetering on the edge of victory, a firm hand to hold can be the difference between worldwide domination and plateauing. According to Forbes, nine out of ten startups will fail. A sobering thought that could leave any ardent business owner feeling less than impressed. However, at HOUSE OF OLITA, propelling a business with a chance of store front exposure in The Big Apple, can provide crucial acknowledgement. 

Courtesy: www.houseofolita.com

Sometimes, businesses require only a slither of exposure, whilst others often need a continual platform to gain and grow with efficiency. This brand unveiling should seek to be immersive, offering an alluring insight into what you offer. An equally fundamental aspect is product placement and design. How do you make a customer feel? How do you stand out from a crowd? And finally, what makes you unique? HOUSE OF OLITA offers design of the storefront and the placement of products. Placing products in a storefront not only entices customers, but effectively guides them into a linear thought process. How you create, how you implement and how you offer. 

Learn more about escalating your business with an innovative and conceptual process, founded by two impeccable women. CLICK HERE to be inspired. 

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