HOTEL KEFLAVIK. Within the rugged volcanic landscape of Iceland, sits this majestic hotel, a place where the Reykjanes Peninsula is unlocked in just a few footsteps. Near to the best tourist attractions of the area and well located for transport, this hotel boasts a sublime outlook. Vehement arteries of lava flow freely through the grey jagged terrain; Iceland is a country with a plethora of undiscovered corners. Hotel Keflavik is a 4-star family owned hotel, which first opened its doors in 1986.  With all the luxury amenities that any discerning traveller would need, you can observe the exalted landscape through a sheer glass facade, savouring in the unique celestial dances of the stars. With an impeccable dining experience, the KEF Restaurant tempts the taste buds with rich, native flavours! The hotel also serves a famous breakfast buffet. The opulent monochromatic decoration is completed with gold accents and geometric design brings a touch of richness to the space; a perfect and idyllic place to unwind. The hotel also has a sauna and solarium, a warm snug element to the hotel which adds to its charm. 

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Hotel Keflavik devours style. Its newest renovation converges cosiness with soft regal charisma. VERSACE tiles embellish, with kaleidoscopic colours which bring the design together. LED lighting illuminates textured granite tiles, elegance is personified further with flexes of brass and gold. True to their name, the Diamond Bar and the Diamond suites, each exemplify the finest detailing. With an exquisite vibe, the bar irradiates with sumptuous lighting, accenting both the flooring and the walls. 

There is quite the sense of VIP luxury, with plush golds perfectly moulds the semblance of sophistication and allure. Each area of this hotel has had attention to detail, with the quality five star customer service that every hotel should maintain. In addition to the above, Hotel Keflavik has a range of adrenaline-inducing activities for guests. From soaking up the awe-inspiring moments whale watching or adoring the abundant history at the Reykjanes Maritime Center, each activity has its own particular luster. A new hotel with the same immaculate hospitality, year in, year out.

  Photo copyright: Hotel Keflavik

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