Upscale Dining at INNATHENS Hotel


Another delightful trip to the INNHOTEL Athens, brought happiness, tantalised the tastebuds, and above all, created a community. INNATHENS Hotel is not only a chic boutique hotel in the heart of the action, but it also has plenty of other benefits for non residents. Their newly opened restaurant was a delight and not only is it I a taste of modern architecture and design, but it is complete with impeccable care and attention from their friendly and welcoming team. However, let's get to the good part. The food! 

The food has always been excellent and during our last stay in summer we had defined numerous elements that made this place a step up above from the crowd. Their food menu is diverse and delicious. not only is this an excellent location for dinner, but It's the perfect lunch spot also. It's family friendly also which is important to know. additionally, they have a great choice of alcoholic behave rage, including a cocktail if this is piques your curiosity. A fun cocktail over lunch can be great, alternatively a wine and cheeseboard with cold cuts can be just as ravishing. 

We tucked in to a plate full of cheese slices, including a delicious bleu cheese, as well as many other types that complemented the meats. Salami and hams were also served, along with chutney and breadsticks and the merging flavours were a joy to the tastebuds! Complemented with a glass of wine, this is a great time to sit back, relax after some shopping or to catch up with friends. Even as a passing tourist, you can stop by and get a taste of real urban living in Athens. 


The starters were delicious. The tartare was delicate, delicious and soft. Not only this but it was complemented with mustard seeds and pickled onion, and each flavour merged perfectly for the winning combination for a delicious starter. 


The chicken dish was a delight. Rich and savoury but not too much for the palate. It was completed with roasted potatoes and was incredibly tasteful. The gnocchi was just as delicious, with pieces of cheese and an exquisite tomato sauce. A true taste of Italy. 


We opted for the cake for finish, and this was a delight. Light and airy, it was not heavy on the stomach and provided a little taste of sugar for the finish. 

I could not recommend this hotel more. It has the chic city vibes, with Greek hospitality and wonderful food. The atmosphere is relaxing and ideal for a solo or a group. It is a family friendly hotel, so this is a huge bonus also. For more information on the hotel restaurant and what it offers, you can click here to learn more. 

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