Van Gogh, Chagall And Co, The Timeless Art That Never Dies

Post-Impressionism (1880-1905), predominantly from France, is also known as Late Impressionism. The Expressionism phase had its peak between the years 1905 and 1920. These are two of the most important representatives of these art movements:

Wheat field with cypresses

Probably the best-known painter in the Netherlands, Vincent van Gogh, lived from 1853 to 1890. The picture entitled Wheat Field with Cypresses dates from 1889. It is approximately 93 x 73 centimeters in size. At the time, Van Gogh created dozens of works with landscapes of this type and similar motifs. It shows fields of golden ripe wheat with a contrasting dark wild cypress and lush olive trees. This work reflects his fascination with the beauty of nature. It is exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York). Remarkably, there are two works with the same motif. Another variant is in London.

Timeless art for the gallery wall at home

Many works by famous artists such as Van Gogh, Picasso or Chagall are still used today as posters to decorate your own four walls because of their beauty. The embellishment of one's own premises with gallery walls made of a large number of pictures is very trendy. On creative service sites such as Gallerix you will find a large selection of posters and posters as well as accessories and presentation suggestions as inspiration for wall design.

I and the Village

This magnificent cubist work by Chagall dates from 1911. I and the Village (in English: I and the village) was created using the oil on canvas method and measures approximately 192 x 151 centimetres. The uniquely revealing style of the image was groundbreaking at the time. The work can be seen in the New York Museum of Modern ArtHis individual style can be described as expressionistic because of his free use of color and the reduced formal language. His paintings are dreamy, colorful and inspiring. The French-Russian painter Marc Chagall (1887-1985) was given the title painter-poet in professional circles while he was still alive.

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