Athens is not only the home of art, culture and great food, but it is also full of incredible Greek hospitality. We have been on the hunt to find a hotel that combines all of the above, with modern aesthetics in a central location, with mod-cons, style, and soul. INNATHENS combines all of the above with ease. Let's run through some of the best parts of this hotel, including some photography and what to expect when you visit this 'super cool' hotel. Outside, it overlooks the Holy Church of the Holy Trinity, a piece of history in itself. The entrance is intriguing. You are led down a small corridor, into an indoor/outdoor courtyard with a street style. The staff are pleasant, bringing chocolate and water on arrival. The style, simple and clean with a touch of contemporary aesthetic. Pops of green plants decorate the monochromatic vibe.

The staff were particularly friendly. This is by far one of the most important aspects of any visit. You will find kind, warm and welcoming staff that will cater to your needs.

The Bedroom
The bedroom was spacious, modern and boasted a stunning view of the church beyond and the street, including the National Gardens. The balcony area was quite special. It is one of Athens' most central spaces and you really get a feel for the city here. Sip your coffee on the balcony, and enjoy the golden rays.

The room itself was monochromatic, ideal for those who love contemporary aesthetics. It came with a large and spacious table to get ready, a very comfy bed, a stunning bathroom and plenty of space to spread out. Included was of course amenities such as tea/coffee, water and toiletries. The rain shower was a delight, and again plenty of space allowed you to move from room to room with ease. The bed was large, and comfortable. The pillows were cloudy dreams, without being too flat or too huge (as some hotels often are).  The hotel itself feels modern, fresh, boutique and spacious. There are no long cramped corridors, but rather, art on every wall, wide, open spaces and a generally 5-star feel in many ways.

The Restaurant (Breakfast time) 

You can choose to have your breakfast in the courtyard outside, or inside with the art. I chose to sit inside, make the most of the cool AC  and browse the art inside the restaurant. Each turn brings clean, stylish aesthetics and art. The buffet was generous, a range of savoury and sweet, including honey, tahini and the vibe was particularly chilled. The best aspect was the breakfast menu. You could make a choice of one from the breakfast list. I found the choice of buffet and a served meal was delightful. The vegan tacos were an exceptional choice, and were incredibly filling. Finally, this can be washed down with juice or tea/coffee - perhaps both! The atmosphere is quiet, and above anything, relaxing. 

The Communal Areas 

The courtyards a particular favourite for guests. It has a very garden-like vibe, ideal for working on your laptop, a business meeting, or lunch with family and friends. It has great acoustics, you feel as if you have stepped into a modern Greek street, but with the privacy and service that anyone would desire. Furthermore, this place has a boutique vibe. There is no doubt about that. Each detail has been well though through and there is a great deal of community spirit. It is a pleasant and desirable place to stay. 

For more information on the hotel and to book your next trip to Athens, Greece, take a look here.

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