10 Best Beaches In The UK

Britain is not only the country of punctuality and tea at all hours; It is also the country of the kilometers of coastline that you can take advantage of to visit, walk, do sports or swim if the weather allows it. Here are the ten best beaches in the UK to look at. 

Any training course in England can take you to discover the wonderful British coast with those beautiful beaches for surfing, spotting seals, birds and dolphins or practicing the wonderful art of photography, and more so now that Instagram is so fashionable.Here is a selection of the 10 best beaches in the UK:

Bournemouth West Beach11.Bournemouth

In the county of Dorset, on the south coast of England, it is one of the most famous beaches in England. Stretching 11 kilometers, there's enough space to please everyone, from sunbathers to sports enthusiasts like surfing. Do not hesitate to visit it, you will be captivated by these beaches.

Very close to London and very well connected, it is another of the most popular. It is also found on the south coast. Former residence of royalty, it has one of the most famous piers in the United Kingdom, known as the “ Brighton Pier” . Where you can walk, go shopping and eat fish and chips, the famous English food (we assure you that it is very tasty). You cannot leave England without visiting this coast and even less without trying its famous food.
3. Newquay 
At the western tip of Great Britain, in Cornwall. Seven beautiful beaches to visit and one of the most important meeting places for surfers. Newquay is to England what Tarifa is to Spain. If you are a surf lover, do not hesitate to visit these beaches, you will surf like never before in your life.

4. Blackpool Sands 
On the northwest coast, it is a historic city with great beaches and piers. Its amusement park, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, is well known. If strong emotions are your thing, you shouldn't leave without visiting this pure English-style amusement park. 

5. Porthminster Beach
This beach is located in St. Ives, west Cornwall, a small fishing town with a very cosmopolitan atmosphere. Porthminster beach is one of the cleanest in the country. It is usually called the gold beach for its beauty and cleanliness. It is one of the most exciting beaches in the UK. 

If you want to escape any noise from the city, we recommend you visit this island, where you can practice diving and discover the fauna of this nature reserve. The tranquility will invite your body and your mind, if you are stressed this is just what you need.

7. Bamburg, Northumberland. 
Beaches that stretch along the coast, without facilities but full of mystery. From the beach you can see Bamburgh Castle. If nature is your thing, you will fall in love with these beaches.

Three Cliffs Bay8. Lunan Bay beach
A large expanse of sand in Angus, Scotland, without facilities, like many of the beaches in Great Britain but ideal for surfing, bird watching and looking for agates and other semi-precious stones in the sand, this tends to attract the attention of the Spanish as that on our beaches do not usually exist.

9. Isle of Harris
Huisisnis beach, on the Isle of Harris, (Scotland) cannot be left out of this list. Only suitable for those who seek a paradisiacal environment, flee from crowds and do not mind getting lost in nature or very cold water. It is not necessary to go to Hawaii, in Huisisnis you have paradise at your fingertips.

10. Three Cliffs Bay 
If you are taking your English course in Cardiff, in the county of Wales, you can visit some of the beaches in Swansea county, such as Three Cliffs Bay, considered one of the best in the area and surrounded by wonderful scenery. But if you don't want to travel, another option is to visit the artificial beach that they set up every summer in the same city. All these beaches and landscapes will fascinate you, we are sure, do not miss the opportunity to visit any of them at least to check the beauty that we have very close to us. In addition, a good way to get to know another culture is to visit its most coveted places, on these beaches you will find the typical English atmosphere.

Whenever you go to take a course abroad you have to visit tourist attractions, but of course you have to save time for relaxation and calm that these 10 wonderful beaches can give you, and if you are also a lover of water sports you cannot choose a better destination for your English course abroad.

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