Le Bijou, Zurich. Quarantine in Luxury

While the hotel industry is going through a dramatic period, with many hotels around the world suspending operations for a long time, a hotel in Switzerland has been considering catering to high-income travelers to secure its bookings. Basel is home to tremendous beauty and history. Only if you visit Switzerland can you understand what organisation means. Everything runs smoothly and perfectly organised, offering perhaps the highest quality of life in the world. It is unbelievable that as a country it is trilingual, with the result that its inhabitants speak several languages, depending on which country borders each canton. 

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Italian, German, French are mixed giving special sounds to the visitors of the country. One city that can boast of being international is, of course, Zurich. Between Switzerland, France and Germany it is a crossroads of culture, with incredible natural beauty, medieval buildings, cobbled streets, many art sites and a liveliness against the strict pattern of Central Europe. During the challenging times of late, the travel industry has been hit hard. However, within the luxury sectors, there are still glimmers of hope. Let’s take you on a journey to Le Bijou.

Le Bijou Hotel & Resort 

This is Le Bijou Hotel & Resort in Zurich, a luxury hotel which together with Le Bijou Apartments in Basel, Geneva, Zurich and other cities in Switzerland, offers high quality services through the new package "Quarantine for the Coronavirus". This package includes tests for coronavirus in the room, doctor visits and 24-hour nursing care. The package was formulated at the request of a large number of customers, who wanted to experience self-isolation in a 5-star environment. In addition to the medical services provided by a private clinic, the self-isolation package also has an automated check-in, so guests do not need to contact any staff members.

Regarding the cost of the above services, the usual accommodation in Le Bijou ranges from 800 to 2,000 euros per night. In addition, all coronavirus-related benefits are a la carte, including the $500 coronavirus test, two $1,800 nurse visits per day, and $4,800 nursing care. Finally, the hotel provides food delivery services and personal chef services at an additional cost. Guests have a private application and a 24-hour remote concierge that they can use to order meals from personal chefs, groceries and more - although, of course, some of the offers have changed in the light of the pandemic.

A 14-day stay at the hotel could reach €70,000! More specifically, the simple accommodation at Hotel Le Bijou, without extra services, ranges from 800 to 2,000 euros per night, depending on the choice of room. For more information on the hotel, click here

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