Jaipur, The Monument Of Love

 The Pink State, described as one of the most beautiful cities in India, Jaipur, is about 242 km from Delhi. It was founded and named by the Mongolian maharaja Jai ​​Singh, a great warrior and astronomer of the 18th century. Its rich history is evidenced by the few dazzling palaces.


In the past, the entrance to it was through seven gates. The pink colour, which symbolizes hospitality, dominates the walls and houses. Among other things you will see the 
Palace of the Winds, the Jadar Madar Observatory and the GovernmentThe next stop is Agra, the old capital of India. Here you will see the famous Monument of Love, better known as the Taj Mahal. It was built by the Mongol emperor San Yahan (or Jehan), for the sake of the most beloved of all his wives, whom he wanted to have ... a crown (Taz) in his Palace (Mahal). Its construction began in 1631 and was completed in 1654. 20,000 workers were employed and more than 1,000 elephants were used. It has been designated the 8th wonder of the world, while in 1983 it was included in the list of UNESCO protected monuments.

Teatro Dhora

Jaipur is famous for its carpets, wood and metallurgy. There are many modern boutiques, such as the Teatro Dhora, that sell stylish clothes, men's scarves, notebooks, leather bags and more at (relatively) affordable prices. But it is in jewelry, especially where the city has historically excelled. After the founding of Jaipur in 1727, Jai Singh II organized a procession through the city where local crowds threw gems at him. He was excited and loved jewelry. Under his auspices, Jaipur began to become a jewelry center, attracting craftsmen and merchants from afar. Today, the city is home to hundreds of thousands of jewelers and merchants.


In Jaipur we also find the Kundan technique. Kundan jewelry is unusual due to the use of wax in a gold or silver frame, as well as the incorporation of glass and painted images, and patterns of white, green, red or blue flowers. This style is popular among wealthy brides from Mumbai and Delhi.

While wealthy Indians visit Jaipur for its gems, the city offers jewelry to anyone. Backpackers and tourists can find cheap, quality pieces in dozens of stores across the city. It requires patience and a demanding eye. Visitors can also develop their knowledge of Indian jewelry at the Amrapali Museum on Ashok Marg Road. This is an excellent jewelry collection, displayed on two small floors. An enchanting 19th-century gold braid from Tamil Nadu, engraved with Hindu gods and goddesses, is one of hundreds of enchanting pieces.

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