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Recycling, healthy food, sustainable consumption ...now, awareness goes one step further to invite us to enjoy our vacations making use of it with sustainable and ecological proposals, but without having to give up all the comforts we can imagine. This is how Mas Salagros, the first 100% sustainable luxury 'eco-resort' in Spain, was born. Spain is home to numerous eco-friendly resorts, and as sustainable luxury starts to take hold throughout the tourism industry, it is likely that we will see even more make an appearance to tourists. Nonetheless, Spain is an easy-to-reach country from the UK and has a very good reputation for holiday makers. You can find all flights on Skyscanner

Photo: Mas Salagros

Located in an old farmhouse dating from 1497 known as Can Sala Gros in Vallromanes, we find this exclusive complex just 20 minutes from Barcelona and in an incomparable setting of calm, peace and nature: the protected park of the Serralada Litoral. 

100% ecological

The project was created respecting the highest sustainability standards and complying with all European regulations on ecological issues; from the materials used in buildings, to the commitment to efficient energy consumption, waste management and recycling. It respects the sustainability policies and guarantees the ecological origin of all the products that we can find in it, from its construction materials and its food to the amenities and decoration.

Its green roofs with vegetation in all facilities are striking. Another of their highlights, thanks to biodynamic roomsm is achieving an optimal temperature inside with the minimum energy cost thanks to these green roofing. In 5 hectares of surface are distributed its 60 rooms of different categories, 3 gastronomic proposals or an exceptional Spa such as Wellness by AIRE Ancient Baths Vallromanes. In addition, it has recreational facilities such as several swimming pools and a gym and offers its guests a wide range of leisure, sports and cultural activities such as hiking trails, bike rides or wellness activities such as yoga or stretching; cooking workshops, jams, wine tastings or gin and tonic tastings among others. Sustainable luxury has neve been more delicious...or accessible. 

Photo: Mas Salagros

Photo: Mas Salagros

AIRE Ancient Baths, the finishing touch

Essential in this trip of disconnection and tranquility was a visit to the exclusive Spa, the only one of the international chain AIRE Ancient Baths located outside an urban nucleus. Those of Vallromanes are located within the Mas Salagros complex and complete a unique experience in the middle of nature. Its philosophy consists of recovering the ancient tradition of the Greek and Roman bath and incorporating this concept in reconstructed historical buildings, in this case incorporated in a farmhouse from the 14th century in which, in addition to the benefits of its treatments, you will take those of living an experience unique and connected to nature. A wonderful journey of sensations through the contrasts between the warm, hot and cold water bath, without forgetting the mythical steam baths and the Mil Chorros bath, or the glorious Salt Bath, the best place to indulge in the pleasure of floating up.

Luxury gastronomy

The gastronomic offer of the Eco-Resort is based on the Mediterranean gastronomy made with 100% organic and local products. Part of them come from the Salagros Farm itself and its garden, where they grow and produce fresh and seasonal products. In order to ensure the optimal quality of its products, the gastronomic offer of the Resort's restaurants varies according to each season. Its purpose is to elaborate gastronomy of a high culinary level, healthy, tasty and ecological. 

For more information on booking, please refer to their official website here

Photo: Mas Salagros

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