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Manchester is the hub of arts, history, tradition and above all, culture. With over 6.8 million people ambling through the magical old cobbled streets, it is safe to say Manchester tourism is red hot. It isn't just seeped in history, it is also ringing with poetic artistry around every corner, rugged backstreets, which resonates with tourists and natives alike. Manchester is a vibrant, bustling city with so much to offer and just like Leeds, it has that northern charm. We often find that we will take our cars for the simple option to get from A to B or the train but why do we overlook coach travel?

I grew up on coach travel, as did my family, they loved a coach trip, it was synonymous with old fashioned British travel, and today, it's important to get from A to B by also being careful of your carbon footprint. Instead of driving and releasing emissions, look at grabbing a coach. National Express kindly offered me a trip to Manchester, to experience their coach travel within the north; to appreciate the beauty of local coach travel, which is affordable, reliable and better for the planet. It's certainly time for me to start experiencing the beauty of coach trips again. with so many stations across the UK, National Express offers trips that range from local, such as my trip - Leeds to Manchester to further away, such as Leeds down to the South Coast and even abroad. A coach has such a luxe feel and for me, I always associated a coach with a great day out. Still to this day do I feel the same.

Booking The Trip & Deciding A Destination

My goal is to see as many of Britain's cities of culture as possible. Manchester was a great choice . I love Manchester and recently I visited and knew I had to go back again as soon as possible. Usually when I go to Manchester I will make the trip in the car or on the train. So now it's time to enjoy visiting by coach. There are regular coaches from Leeds, every hour in fact. The big coach hub at the bus station to all destinations across UK but regular coaches to and from Manchester and northern destinations. You can book online, their site is easy to navigate and you can grab your tickets on your phone which you show the driver as you board. It's simple and easy.

The Travel Experience....

Once I had my booking on e-ticket, which is sent to email I was able to get on the coach and pick my seat. You are always guaranteed a seat on National Express which I was so impressed with. The first thing that struck me was the leather seats that looked so comfortable and when I got on the coach I found out they were as comfy as they looked. Not only that but the coach was lit with gorgeous blue lights, air conditioned, radio on and good support for your back. I have lower back problems and didn't feel that I wasn't being supported, I really liked the travel.

The journey was smooth running, friendly approachable driver and the best part of all is USB pockets in every seat. you don't need a plug to charge your phone, only your USB lead which is great to save space in your bag. You can travel with your case there is room in the underbelly of the coach and we even were ahead of schedule coming into Manchester which was incredible!

I couldn't fault the service and I am definitely going to plan to book some more trips as the year progresses. I'd love to experience some more of the biggest UK cities with them! 


Eco-Friendly Travel 

Using the train, for me, has its drawbacks. It can feel cramped, anxiety-inducing and often there are lots of delays. Also it can also be pricey! National Express offer incredibly friendly prices, there are thousands of tickets that are £5 or less and you will always be guaranteed a seat if you book. I am not sure why I haven't tried using National Express to take me to Manchester Airport before, it is a really affordable option and that's one thing I am going to be looking into for the future. For now though, it's all about looking at how eco-friendly it is. I am a huge advocate of conservation, my Twitter is a platform for me to speak out about issues about our planet and it is a fact that travelling by coach is the most environmentally friendly form of travel, and on a per passenger kilometre basis, a full modern (Euro VI emissions-standard) 56 seat capacity coach performs better on emissions than the average private car. They are also well equipped for people with limited mobility.

Not only this but it's incredibly comfortable. Whenever I've used National Express in the past, usually from London, I have always had a positive experience. They have never been delayed, the coaches are comfy, there is often WiFi available and it makes travelling nostalgic and pleasurable. The free entertainment services are incredible if you're travelling alone or with someone and you want to be anti-social and do some work! Their power sockets are the best - for someone like me who works constantly out of a laptop, keeping charged up is vital. To book a trip with National Express, click here.

Exploring Manchester 

Manchester is like a northern London to me; I get a little buzz from it. I recently visited the Manchester Royal Exchange, click here to read that Blog and you can see what makes this area in the heart of Manchester such a fabulous place to visit. Thank you National Express for allowing me to travel with no complications and so much ease!

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*This post was sponsored by National Express but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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