Getting Charitable With Brassybra

Brassybra is not just a company that supplies their customers with incredible adhesive bras, but they also work with charities, which is something so important to me; and to them. Every year they choose a charity that is dedicated to women, which is so empowering and furthermore, they are always ready and waiting on their social platforms to empower women furhter, showing that they can do anything and also do not have to let their 'assets' hold them back with their incredible comfy 'Brassybras!' For each charity they choose, 1% of all sales go directly to them, and this equates to a very good amount of money for the chosen charity. They have worked with The Pink Ribbon Foundation recently also!

SEA's "Diamond In The Rough" Fashion Show 

Over this past year, Brassybra have proudly supported SEA (Soledad Enrichment Action), specifically supporting their Diamond In The Rough Fashion Show, which aims to empower young women of Los Angeles. This huge city is full of diversity, from women of all ages, sizes, colour and background, but they can be united. Take a peek at this video below.

All these amazing women took a pledge and are committed to SEA's L.I.F.E (leadership, intervention, family and empowerment) group workshops and fitness classes. A brilliant way for ladies to interact and be healthy. It's designed specifically for women to engage with themselves and each other, in order for them to gain confidence, learn skills, be happy in their own skin and to learn about other cultures and communities. Their life program reaches out to trauma exposed, gang-effected young women and Brassbyra donated products for their runway show! Such an incredible company and I'm so proud to be working with them.

They are all diamonds and SEA & Brassybra have helped them shine! Brassybra are committed to empowering women and when they feel good in their own skin and their own clothes, then the sky is the limit. SEA's official website can be found here. The trials and tribulations of life can batter our confidence, the things we experience and how we react to them can also be difficult to bounce back from which is what makes SEA very important and their Fashion Show, which gives women a platform. Thank you, Brassybra for choosing this incredible charity. 

Scroll to see my Brassybra OOTD, you can even wear them with loose jumpers, which I've been enjoying, because it gives me good support, and doesn't make me sag in the wrong places! Bravo, Brassybra, click here to shop their bras and support their wonderful charity work.

Brassybra OOTD
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