The Jett Travolta Foundation

There is no greater gift than the gift of giving. From tragedy to triumph, the Jett Travolta Foundation is a majestic beacon of hope for many charitable organisations, with the vision of helping and supporting a wide range of charities, focusing on relief for children with vision, hearing, mobility, communication and behavioural and learning disabilities. It doesn't end here; there is an innate hope to give back to charities across the board that aid children and even adults with broader issues across the special needs spectrum.

Jett Travolta's legacy has touched so many people's lives over the years; the loss of a child can never be fathomed and certainly their memory can never fade, but it is the way that grief is dealt with that ultimately shapes the future for everyone. A glimmer of light in a sinking world of agony is undoubtedly what led this Foundation to its frution and from the hard work that has been put into this Foundation since day one, it's truly a special one. Jett's story and the determination of his family to create a Foundation to give back has helped well over 100 charities, for children and adults worldwide, from disaster relief, to theatre projects, youth guidance and much more. We have all been children; we possibly all know a child in our lives, we understand their vulnerability, we know their need for support, comfort and ultimately, the quest for a good start in life, to help build their future. The Jett Travolta Foundation would be very happy for any donations, to ensure they can cotninue to do their great work.

To donate you can send checks or money orders to the following address:

Jett Travolta Foundation, Inc
PO Box 710
North Hollywood, CA 91603

And to visit their website for more information and to see a comprehensive list of the charities they have already donated to, click here.

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