Alicante - The City With So Much

As we slide into 2018, and reflect over the year passed, I felt what better time than to talk candidly about health, travel and general life. In January, I took a little trip to Alicante, a little for work and a little for pleasure, and had no idea what to expect. Having only ever been to Barcelona before, I did a little research and believed Alicante was usually heavily saturated with British tourists and loud bars. I was very wrong.

Granted, this was off season, however I cannot asy I encountered many Brits at all, and in addition, did not feel that the English language was widely spoken much at all. However, they could speak basic and got by, with a friendly attitude towards tourists. I want to share with you some of my favourite photos of the trip, as well as sharing some of the things I got upto in the city, as well as some little places of interest to feast your eyes on and get the walking shoes out for, if you should find yourself in the city.

Alicante is in southern Spain, not too far from Benidorm, yet also a world away from it also! Pleasant traditional streets, friendly locals, clean, sunny and a long beach, it has so much to offer. I stayed at the Sercotel Spa Porto Maris Hotel or I always choose Clickstay for villas and rentals! Nice, simple, but the highlight was the balcony view - if you are wanting to stay at this hotel, it's worth the extra money to wake up to the sea every day. If the sea brings calmness to your anxiety, then this is what you should look for when you're booking your next getaway. I was absolutely blown away by the view, it was exactly what I needed in the morning and sat replying to business emails was also a very delightful prospect. There are many hotels in the area, The Melia hotel is just next door to the Sercotel Spa, and it is a little step up in luxury, but if you're wanting a more modest family friendly holiday resort kind of feel, then Sercotel is the best bet.

The beach is lovely and long, and I imagine in summer it's heaving. The waters are crystal clear and perfect for a swim most time of the year - although it was particularly cold in January, but I did still see people swimming, for a little health kick, despite the icy waters. There was no real evidence of water sports, but we spotted a few boats, there is of course a marina on the water, where you can hire a boat if you should wish, but mostly they are inundated with larger yachts!

Places You MUST See

Barri Vell Santa Crue

You cannot help but amble towards the area of Barri Vell Santa Crue, it's a little area in the centre which resembles a tiny little Spanish village, very traditional and out of the way of traffic, and there are some seriously Instagrammable spots! At first wander, it had a very similar feel to Plaka in Athens, with a large castle at the top of the hill and a rock formation, it felt just like Athens, however, a totally different culture and vibe. Read about my Ultimate Athens guide here. Just like in Plaka, people live there, so although it is a tourist area and you're free to roam, try to keep quiet if you can just out of respect for the residents of the area.

Santa Barbara Castle

The castle is situated on the top of Mount Benacantil, and this place is stunning. It has three different enclosures from three periods, including 14th, 16th century and 18th century and there is lots to see. It is incredibly windy up there, so hats aren't advisable but the ruins are incredible. You can drive up by car to the ruins and park up, or you can go up in the elevator for €2. The entrance is on the main road opposite the beach, there's a large tunnel going inwards under the rock formation, which you can't really miss if you're looking for it. Get your tickets at the machine and a member of staff will check them and operate the lift for you. At first it looks a little daunting and strange but there's usually a few stray people around, it's a popular spot in the city. There's also a cafe with incredible views, a perfect little pitstop for a coffee and slice of cake!

Basilica Of Santa Maria 

This is a very famous gothic church in the city and it's absolutely a true gem of a building! The outside is intricate and full of design; it's truly something you need to look at. It's a true treat for those who love history and it's just off the street of Calle Jorge Juan. It was built over the remains of a mosque and  there has been some significant Islamic influence over the years, with Tunisia and Algeria just across the water.

Archaeological Museum of Alicante 

For information about the museum, you can click on the link here and you can find out about the methods of archaeology as well as the history of the city. Alicante also boasts an archaeological site, which can be viewed, for a small fee.


There are plenty of places to eat. Alicante is full of little bistros, of all cuisines, and plenty of fish restaurants, especially on the little promenade by the harbour, just off the Plaza Puerto Del Mar.
There are plenty of Tapas restaurants and all are found just off the main road, in the centre down the little small sidestreets. There are so many! A few of my favourites, include the following, The Melia restaurant on the ground floor, La Crispeta, Taberna To-Bar L'Atelier, Casa Julio and Teatro Bistrot.

Overall, Alicante is cheap and cheerful with some little surprises along the way, and it's all good. Thankfully flights to Alicante are frequent and all year round from the UK. It's safe to say I would love to return to Spain for more adventures, but for now, I'll be remembering those gorgeous mornings waking upto the incredible sea views. For all my airport transfers, I use Welcome Pickups, reliable and well priced!

For more information on Alicante and what to see there, click here!

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