East 59 & Christmas Cocktails

Victoria Gate in Leeds is by far one of the most elegant shopping areas in the centre of Leeds. Filled with beautiful shops and trendy restaurants, it's definitely my favourite new place to go with friends. I was lucky enough to go upto East 57 with my best friend Janine for some Christmas cocktails and delicious foods just as the festive period begins! East 59 is a Manhattan-style restaurant and bar and it's perfectly located so you can sit out on the rooftop terrace and see the graceful rooftops against the gorgeous sunset over the city. It's a brilliant place to hang out with friends, have a good catch up and enjoy all the delicious cocktails on offer. It has a nice vibe, cool, stylish, open and bright, a brilliant lunch spot after a spot of shopping in nearby Victoria Gate.

The Restaurant & Food 

The restaurant is large and friendly, the staff are incredibly attentive, helpful and will gladly be of assistance with advice on what to choose from the menu. The Christmas menu is now in full swing but we were just a little too early, so we picked from the standard menu. We enjoyed some spicy chicken wings and I opted for the aubergine tacos - not too spicy, but spicy enough that you could taste the seasonings well. We perhaps had only one critique which was, perhaps a little bit more chicken and pasta could have been added to the menu but the food was incredibly good. Cooked well, presented nicely, nice and hot and good service, there is no reason to fault the staff or the kitchen in any way. The dessert however was a treat! You can't resist a brownie with ice-cream if it's on the menu, so we decided to take advantage! This wasn't before we were treated to some delicious xmas cocktails that they have just introduced. More on those later!

The design of the restaurant is modern and stylish, it's large and can get very busy but isn't intimidating like some places, the acoustics seem fabulous and you can still have a good conversation with friends; it's really lovely! The terrace outside has its own bar, great views, outdoor heaters, and blankets on the chairs, making it incredibly cosy and homely. It was probably the highlight for me!

The Cocktails

The cocktails were absolutely delicious. Creamy, sweet, and serves as a dessert in themselves, they are utterly divine but perhaps a little strong for us alongside our brownie heaven! Our cocktails were the Gingerbread Eggnog specialty and Mince Pie; you can browse the full range of their menu here. Creamy and very festive, complete with gold glitter, it was super cute and needless to say got all over our lips -we called it a new fashion look!

At night, this place would be perfect for an after work pick-me-up, or a Friday night with the girls, for the cocktails, the atmosphere and East 59 has events on, and it's incredibly social, so be sure to head down there this Christmas for an elegant night out.

Now that their Christmas menu has launched, and the festivities have begun, make sure you book your table this month and enjoy one of Leeds' trendiest and newest restaurants. Click here to make a booking today.

Or be sure to take advantage of the other menus and events they have to offer.

*I was invited as a guest to East 59 but all opinions and words are my own.

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