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Having a little luxury after your airport check-in is exactly what anyone needs before a flight. Airports are stressful. Through check-in, security, and desperately trying to find the right gates and cafes to eat in, sometimes it is just perfection to have people wait on you, be able to wind down without hassle, and indulge on some delicious food and drink. That is why, No 1 lounges is a must if you're travelling from Birmingham, Gatwick, Heathrow or Edinburgh.

The check-in to the lounge is simple with friendly staff. Once inside, you'll find many little areas to sit, including a chic restaurant style area, a line of easy chairs for two - these are brilliant for people wanting to sit back and read their newspapers, and a more slouchy area with booths and sofas. For people wanting an additional quiet, the library area is perfect and you're able to print off any necessities before your flight. Highly impressive decor, chic, stylish and modern, clean and relaxing! A little haven from the craziness of Birmingham's busy terminal.

What It Involves & Cost

The cost per person is £26, and this includes access three hours before your flight to all the facilities. Free food dishes are complimentary as are drinks. The food is varied, a little bit of choice for everyone and gluten free options available. There is a tempting little buffet with olives, selection of tasty nuts, and little miniature cakes and pastries, including ample amounts of tea and coffee. A peppermint tea pre-flight is always a good option and if you're not fond of plane food, stock up before your flight and enjoy a snooze on board instead.

The lounge is stylish and modern and a lovely place to relax, it is perfect for business travelers but it does not dominate. It's a lounge for everyone, and I believe is family friendly also! It has a calming feel, and the Birmingham Airport lounge is particularly airy and light, with plenty of lighting and a large window to let plenty of light in. In Heathrow Terminal 3, they offer a travel spa and pod bedrooms; which enable you to get a little bit of sleep before your flight, or catch up on some flights if you're connecting from flight to flight. The lounges are open from 4:30am to 9:00pm at night. Any travellers who are flying Business or Premium class with Aer Lingus, AA, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings, IcelandAir, Monarch, Qatar Airways, Thomson Premium Club, Turkish Airlines, Turkmenistan Airlines and United.

What I Chose

With my mind very settled, I was able to get a lot of work done with their unlimited wifi, in the comfy lazy chair, enjoying some peppermint tea and opted for the goat's cheese salad. Highly impressed with the goats cheese, beetroot and quinoa, very fresh and really tasty, and plenty of goats cheese, which I find other restaurants to be quite frugal with. I had a little browse at the newspapers, and headed off to my flight feeling incredibly rejuvinated, something I haven't felt in a very long time when travelling. Anyone with travel anxiety would enjoy escaping the craziness of the airport. I would definitely recommend anyone flying to have a look at No 1 Airport Lounges for comfort, style and quality.

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*I was a guest at No 1 Airport Lounge but all thoughts and views are my own
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