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Back in March, I had the amazing opportunity to visit Cape Sounion with Key Tours. It was a beautiful drive down the Athenian coastline all the way to the amazing Temple of Poseidon, and I highly recommend that. You can read about that trip here. However, second time around, Key Tours and I collaborated on an incredible trip that they offer to Delphi. The magic began and if you are interested in exploring and seeing more of mainland Greece, then this is the tour you need to take.

Delphi is situated in mainland Greece, buried deeply up in the beautiful highlands it is a beautiful and wonderful archaeological site with the most incredible views of the neighbouring mountains and in the distance, the Gulf of Corinth. It is situated on the slope of Mount Parnassus and includes the Sanctuary of Apollo, which is the site of the ancient oracle. The true beauty can be seen when you climb a bit higher, to see the site in its entirety. It overlooks the Pleistos Valley.

The Schedule

You are picked up early in the morning by an air conditioned coach at your hotel and you are returned to your hotel at the end of the day. I love that it's door to door and all things are taken care of, with amazing tour guides, Evangelos was our guide who was very good, funny and very informative. The drive was around 3 hours, perhaps a little less, and completely worth the trip, just for the drive! After wandering around the site and museum, there was a pit stop for food at a local family restaurant and then heading back to the wonderful Athens!

The Drive

The drive north out of Athens is truly incredible, especially once you leave the last parts of the city behind and delve into the countryside of Greece. Through small towns, there are many mountains, a lake, and as you climb higher, you can truly see the panoramic view of the entire area. You drive through the amazing Arakova, a place that needs to be explored separately and known for being a ski resort in the winter months. It has a Slavic influence, with stone and styles of building and it makes it even more charming, mixing eastern Europe with the beauty and style of Greece.

The Site

Delphi is there to be explored, and it certainly is a long hike upto the very top to see the stadium, however you can walk as far as you wish, or just sit and admire the views. Delphi became the site of a major temple to Phoebus Apollo, as well as the Pyrthian Games and the prehistoric oracle. There is much more information in depth, for some heavy reading about the history of the site, but of course, it is very deep set within the heart of the Ancient Greeks. More information can be found here. There are too many stories for me to tell about this incredible site that you must read up on it before visiting, but it is full of charm and character and there is plenty to feast your eyes on. Scroll down for some more photos!

The Food

The trip includes a meal at a local family run restaurant. It was a beautiful location in a lovely building, with friendly staff. Most people integrated on the tables together and we were served a three course meal (drinks not included), but there was plenty of food to go around. Although it was not all to my taste, I did absolutely adore the olives, fresh and aromatic and all in good time before heading back home on the road.

Next time you are in Greece, make sure you take a look at Key Tours, as they are friendly, reliable and affordable and lots to do no matter where you choose in Greece! Click here to see what tours they offer and book your next adventure!

*This post was in collaboration with Key Tours but all views are my own

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