Picking A Greek Villa

Greece is by far one of my favourite places on Earth. Full of hospitable people, delicious food, olives and feta for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and unforgettable views that become engrained in your mind and soul, Greece is a brilliant destination. After exploring mainland Greece and visiting the beautiful Athens, I had a yearning to come back to see more; and this time my travel plans are to visit the islands. Specifically Corfu. Here is the ultimate guide I’ve put together for my trip to Corfu and some things to plan before you go to make your trip smooth running and enjoyable.

For accommodation, my ultimate goal is to get a real taste of the island and island life, by renting a villa. For the true taste of Greek island life, coming home with your tote bag full of groceries, and eating outside overlooking the still, serene waters, is exactly how to experience it. Have privacy and contentment, take life at your own pace, and be sure to take a dip to cool off in that hot summer air. That is for me, exactly the perfect Greek island trip. Corfu is specifically known for its friendly tourist atmosphere, plenty of things to do and see. Take a peek below to the ultimate guide.

Getting Around

Getting around Corfu is not overly difficult depending on what your goal of travel is. Hiring a car can be beneficial if you would like to see the island in its entirety, but be sure to consult maps for parking arrangements before you go. Cars can be picked up at the airport. If you want to take the bus, be sure to make sure you know the times, by asking, as they can change often, but it is a cheap and cheerful way to get around from old town to the beach. If you are feeling a little more adventurous and want a taste of luxury, especially if you are in a larger group, then hiring a motorboat is the ultimate for those warm afternoons when you need a cool off and relaxing before heading back to your villa.

What To Do

Old Town Corfu is particularly popular with the sightseeing tourists, who would love to capture a bit of the culture as well as soaking up the beautiful coastline. It is unbelievably quirky and beautiful in the Old Town, and you do not need a map, have a little explore on foot, like most parts of Greece, the more you see on foot the better, especially to reach those beautiful high points for Instagrammable views.

There are outdoor activities, from hiking and a scuba centre, where you can hire equipment and go scuba diving in the crystal seas. For the more low key tourist, who isn’t so hyped for energetic water sports, the island boasts many museums, such as the Andivouniotissa Museum, which is €4 entry and open Tues-Sun 8:00am until 2:45pm; and there are plenty of other choices with a multitude of different cultures to learn about; with Corfu’s rich history and ties to Italy and France.

Where To Eat

You will never go hungry in Corfu. Plenty of taverns but some top picks are Avli Restaurant, Taverna Bikolis and if you want to splash out a little on a special holiday meal, then the luxurious “The Venetian Well” is surely a good place to start, with some Mediterranean cuisine and a bottle of chilled fine wine.

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After your long days searching the cities, tasting the culinary delights and enjoying a little ouzo and traditional Greek dancing, take a leisurely stroll back to your villa, and retire for the evening. For more information on the best villas, take a little peek at Clickstay for more information, and make your trip to Corfu a holiday to remember. There are plenty of other Greek island locations to browse through, from classic Santorini or Kefalonia, or even mainland in Athens (well worth a visit). Click on the photo to book a villa!

Have you ever been to Corfu? What are your top recommendations?  

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