LIFESTYLE: The Movie That Will Make You Fall In Love With Dogs Even More

In the world today there are over 200 million stray dogs that are never given happy homes; but every dog should be entitled to being part of a loving family. I briefly spoke in a previous blog, about the challenges that disabled people face in day to day tasks, and that how dogs can ease and eliminate the worries of everday life. For a disabled person, living with a dog can be the difference between having no independence, and having the freedom to enjoy life without the sinking feeling of suffocation. This is something very close to my heart, as my cousin is on the waiting list for an assistance dog, as she suffers greatly with a physical disability and poor vision. Every year, dogs are abandoned on our streets. Some succumb to the poor conditions and lack of food, and some manage to escape the horror, but spend months wandering the streets with nowhere to go. Sometimes dogs can be fortunate, and with the help of the public, charities such as the RSPCA and animal companies across the globe are made aware of any dogs in distress and are rescued. It is not always as simple as that.
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That is why, this new short Greek movie will make you fall in love with dogs all over again; with a strong moral message, focused on animal welfare. I have so many Greek friends, both in the UK and in Greece, and I have a strong passion for the country, my trip to Athens was such an eye-opener, so when I find little gems like this, I love to support them the best I can; especially when it carries such an important moral message. Supporting good causes is one of the most powerful things a writer can do. This became even more important after visiting the offices at Jenny Karezi Foundation in Athens last month with my dear friend, Giannis. Please click here for more information on my support for the Foundation.

Re-Action, a Greek produced film, by a group of talented Athens filmmakers, follows the story of Roxy the dog, and highlights the importance that stray dogs can have on people's lives and how they can create a positive and meaningful impact on the lives of people from all walks of life. With a heavy focus on animal welfare, its story is one that can resonate with any animal lover. With an incredible cast, leading the film is the ever-so-talented Tania Tripi, and her lovely daughter Jenny Kazakou, making her acting debut; and the chemistry is delightful! The cast is large, but to name a few, Dinos Karydis, Joyce Evidi, Gregoria Avgerinopoulou, Thodoris Anthopoulos and Apostolos Bouras. Written by Alexander Katsaris and Artemis Samothrace, this carefully crafted piece of art really delicately and effortlessly highlights the fact that dogs, stray, abandoned, or perhaps living in shelters, are so important for a range of different reasons. There is always a reason to adopt a stray, and give one more dog the chance of a happy home.

Re-Action Trailer 2017
And the tagline of the film is even more cute - "Give the opportunity for a stray to change your life!" For all the animal lovers out there, this is surely one to watch out for and of course, the film will be available with English subtitles! #reaction

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