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When in Athens, you'll find a multitude of activities to do, there are endless possibilities in Greece, food being at the heart of it, exploring the streets and basking in the history. You may also wish to take a little trip down the coast, because the charms of Greek coastline are beautiful and I was thankful enough to collaborate with the incredible Key Tours (more information here) who offer many half day, full day and multiple day trips around Greece, taking you to some of the hidden gems of the country, that may not be easily accessible on your own. This trip took me to Cape Sounion, on the very tip of mainland Greece and around 63 miles out of Athens. The beautiful countryside and coastline makes the trip worthwhile, and the longevity of the trip isn't felt.

Cape Sounion
The tours pick you up from your hotel, and the mini buses are stylish and comfortable as you can see, and as dusk fell, lovely orange lighting illuminated inside and it was cosy and warm, the perfect way to travel!

Key Tours Minibus
Key Tours Minibus
The drive to Cape Sounion passes through many little towns and spots of beautiful beaches and rock formations, with many of the hillsides covered in herbs and flowers, and that is what's so wonderful about Greece and its self sufficiency! We were guided by a lovely lady who spoke in detail, in exceptional English about the history of the country, the places we were passing and Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon. It was by far the most intriguing bits of historical information I'd heard, and there was a sense of true passion. There was a little walk upto the temple and then time for photographs and a coffee with the most spectacular panoramic views!
Temple of Poseidon
Cape Sounion
Traveling to Cape Sounion

It was a thoroughly enjoable trip and I would highly recommend Key Tours for any of your day trips whilst staying in Greece. Reliable, friendly and true luxury which heightened the excitement of an already fabulous trip! For more information on Key Tours click here.
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