LIFESTYLE: Talent Show For Actors?

It seems that in this vast world of reality-driven television, and talent-orientated shows, dowsed majoritively in singing and dancing, we have forgotten and pushed the actors of today neatly in a corner. We have subconsciously dismissed the power of an actor's monologue, the power of the works of Brecht, Pinter or Beckett. We admire the shows of today which hold such influence such as Broadchurch, or even more recently, the spectacular northern working class dramas, such as Sheridan Smith's The Moorside, which generate a heavy creative stamp on society. We are constantly enthralled by the actor's voice, yet there is not one show on television at the present time, solely commited to seeking out the talents of actors. Any of the acts featured on talent shows that involve acting are heavily diluted, and it's truly disheartening, especially because there are so many out of work actors, perhaps young actors, immsering themselves in their craft that can not have the creative platform they need such as the singers and dancers can on many of the BBC and ITV shows; which have proven to be such wonderful podium for their skills.

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Why Is There Such A Lack Of Acting Talent Shows On Television?

Perhaps it's because the concept of a show purely dedicated to acting has never hit the mark with any top producers, that it's fallen at the first hurdle. Perhaps we are so thickly glazed in masses of tongue-in-cheek reality shows that there is no real need for it but having graduated with a Degree in Drama myself, I do feel a huge empathy towards the actors of today who are searching for a breakout role, or an opportunity. Actors are flung into a world of online auditions, for local roles or features on YouTube, there are many theatre groups, but these are not always practical. Television talent shows have carved their way slowly into the hearts of the British public. We have had creative geniuses such as Andrew Lloyd Webber search for new stars in his West End Musicals, even lately, the talented Gary Barlow, searching for a cast for his play on the BBC's Let It Shine. Yet, there is no acknowledgement for actors, who bring the most indulgent, and spectacular pieces of art to the stage and screen; there is no end to the history of theatre, there is no end to the limitless possibilities of the creativity of theatre.

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The Plan "Curtain Call" 

If there was a television show dedicated solely to finding new acting talent then perhaps we could also be used to inspire people of all ages to delve back into an art that they perhaps abandoned or to use it to teach the new generation about forgotten theatre practices such as forum theatre or improvisation.

The show could consist of stages that begin with monologues, or duologues, followed by the creation of theatre in groups and exploring the variations of styles which can be hugely entertaining. Take "What's My Line" as a prime example of comic genius mixed with undiluted creative mayhem which in itself breeds entertainment. Forum theatre which is widely used as forms of therapy can be used also. The possibilities are endless as are the swirling ideas in my head. There must never be a time that we allow one of the oldest forms of entertainment to not rightfully have their spot within the television industry. Dating back to the ancient Greeks, acting has impacted our lives for generations. I think it's time the passionate actors of our time stand up for what we love the most. Let's bring acting talent shows to the television. That's my goal of 2017. At least, it's one of them.
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