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Actress Jenny Karezi

Today, we live in a society where cancer is becoming an all too common word. With people being diagnosed every three seconds, the high demand for better research and palliative care is becoming exceptionally crucial. The prevalence of new cancer cases daily is overwhelming. The last record of worldwide cancer deaths came in 2012, when an estimated 8.2 million people sadly succumbed to the disease. This is expected to vastly increase, with an estimated 13 million by 2030, which is a frightening figure. Cancer does not discriminate. It strikes anyone, of any age, any colour, any ethnicity, any race, any religion. We all know of someone who has been affected by cancer…but, the unity of people, worldwide, can and will one day, defeat cancer. 

The Jenny Karezi Foundation, or Ιδρυμα Τζενη Καρεζη στην Αθηνα, based in Athens, Greece, is a non-profit organisation that reaches a magnitude of people affected by cancer. At the core of the Foundation, is support and the provision of palliative care in a comforting and warm environment. With a solid team of committed and outstanding professionals facilitating the care, (physicians, psychologists and nurses), it has undoubtedly been a beacon of hope for many patients and families, during significantly difficult times. 
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The foundation's longevity has unequivocally proven how beneficial it is to people. The Foundation was created in honour of accomplished and well-loved Greek actress, Jenny Karezi. Distinguished by her immense talent and beauty, Jenny herself fought a long and courageous battle with cancer; but sadly, she lost her fight in 1992. However, her final wishes served as a platform for the inception of the Foundation, successfully launching just a few months after her death. 

It began providing care to a mass of people, with this steadily increasing to more than five hundred new patients each year; patients who have to cope with one of the most difficult hand of cards that life will ever deal you; cancer. Watching a loved one slowly fade away and lose the spark they once had in their eyes and their dignity, because of this insidious disease, is heartbreaking. Pain relief, support and care of the highest degree, is at the forefront of the Jenny Karezi Foundation’s objectives.

The economic crisis has hit Greece hard. We have all seen, from the news alone, that the stability of their economy is dwindling, with everyone being affected in some way. This has had a profound affect on non-profit organisations that rely solely on public funding to operate. The JKF is naturally feeling the strain, and heightening fears of its closure are exceptionally upsetting. Their work is fundamental, not just for current patients and families, but for future patients and families.  The quest to keep it afloat is ongoing, but they endeavour to continue for as long as possible, and there can be light at the end of the tunnel.

You can be anywhere in the world to donate. Why donate, you may ask? Aiding overseas charities is a huge 
and gratifying thing to do. Especially when it is a country that are heavily bearing the burden of challenging financial times. If you are based in Greece, you may already know of the Foundation, and therefore any donation is valuable. With one quick click of a button, you can help keep the Foundation thriving, and create a wave of new hope to patients and families alike. You can click on the PayPal link below to donate, but size doesn’t matter, because the smallest contribution can make the biggest difference.

Let’s break down the barriers of language, race and ethnicity, and see each organisation as their own entity, for the good they do… helping other human beings. In these vulnerable times, it is so important to have a hand to hold, a warm smile to greet you, and someone to expel that feeling of overwhelming isolation and fear. Jenny Karezi Foundation has delivered countless hours of valuable care, but now, they need a little extra help. Your help. 

We are all on the same journey in this life, and sometimes, we all need a helping hand to continue on doing the good work we do, by kind, generous and thoughtful individuals, who can allow this Foundation to continue doing the fantastic work it does; for another twenty years. 

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PayPal Email address to donate: info@jkf.gr 

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