Eco-Conscious Luxury fashion: Time To Awaken


Responsible for many ecological evils, fashion now wants to be more sustainable. However, to better address the various issues, its players need us. 

Eco-consciousness, is it for today or for tomorrow? "Both", responds the fashion sector which is launched in 2020 was a national citizen consultation to gather our opinions and our proposals on this subject. Embracing sustainable functioning is a major issue and the angles of attack are as numerous as the issues to be tackled. Pollution, over-consumption, over-production ... With a view to correcting the situation and building a greener future, large and small players in the industry are being called into question. This is how the Paris Good Fashion collective was formed, which counts among its members the Galeries Lafayette, the Etam group, Petit Bateau, La Redoute, Who's Next and even Vestiaire Collective, united by the idea of "Making Paris the capital of more responsible fashion by 2024"

In order to best meet expectations and build relevant actions, Paris Good Fashion relies on us, consumers. Through an unprecedented digital survey produced by Make.org and supported by the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the City of Paris, the collective hopes to take the temperature of citizens but also collect concrete proposals. The goal? Distinguish between "consensus", "controversies" and "rejections" in terms of eco-responsible fashion and thus, in a final phase, think about the best ways to act. 

The (real) price of fast-fashion: behind the scenes

  • Then April 24, 2013 is the tragedy.
  • In Bangladesh, the Rana Plaza collapsed leaving 1,138 dead and more than 2,500 injured.
  • The backdrop of the textile industry is spreading out in broad daylight and from now on, the conditions of production of clothes can no longer be ignored.

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