FASHION: Maharishi SS17 Spring/Summer Collection

The spiritedly organic style of Maharishi's SS17 Spring/Summer collection is every bit as expressive yet as beautifullly simplistic as expected, fuelling inner desire for comfort and practicality, and ardently highlighting bold African tradition. This of course is the brand new, Tour d'Afrique.

This range gives a nod to the divergence of the 'easy-elegance' trends such as stripes and painterly prints which are set to hit the list of trends for 2017. SS17 is mixing elements of neutral colours, bashful earthy tones, and camouflage DPM; lucidly defining Chinese and American military presence in Africa. The heavy use of Coltan, a vital mineral is sat at the core of the range, which skillfully emphasises topical issues centering on armed conflict in Africa. For the colour-loving fashionistas of the world, the SS17 does scatter in a dazzling sprinkle of cobalt blue, and lively oranges and yellows' without heavily drowning in colour, and staying true to its practical, utilitarian roots. There is no doubt that the Maharishi's revival of camouflage DPM is a brazen choice for a pair of Maharishi's Upcycled Arctic Ribbed Pants for men, or alternative choice for ladies, the black raw cropped pants, to shape a loosely fitted yet chic outfit.

Photo Courtesy of: Maharishi Official Website www.maharishistore.com
Photo Courtesy of: Maharishi Official Website www.maharishistore.com
This range is also paying homage to the tigerstripe, happily marrying the camouflage print, denoting a sporadic pattern throughout the collection, creating a refined style. Twenty-two years on, Maharishi has cleverly and respectably carved their way into the fashion industry, without diluting their beliefs. This happened once again in the stunning SS17 range. The philosophy behind Maharishi is deeply etched into the delicate cracks of Mother Nature, with reverence to Africa and its issues.  It is a fabulous range for those who are fascinated with those who smoothly blend art with culture.

For more information on Maharishi, who they are and their fabulous store, click here.

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