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Manchester is a city full of culture, there are plenty of things to do in the city but there is perhaps one little section of the city that is just that extra little bit special and this time of year, it's blossoming with gorgeous decor and lights, which make it perfect for a stop by. The Royal Exchange is a beautiful shopping arcade and building, which houses the theatre inside, however it is worth noting that The Royal Exchange is more than just an arcade - there are plenty of other stores associated with The Royal Exchange that are both exciting and intriguing, shops and boutiques that you wouldn't find anywhere else and that is exactly why it's well worth a visit!

The Shops 

The shops in The Royal Exchange include both high street shops and unique one of a kind shops - that stretch all along Market St, St Ann's Sq, Old Bank St and Cross St! All of the shops are in one place, easy to find and not too far from all the public transport. Not only is it perfect for shopping but there are a range of restaurants that are suited to every taste, including a Vegan Cafe, Vertigo which is beyond delicious. 

Lush - their only UK #NakedLush has all the brand new packaging that is made of entirely recycled materials, for a more sustainable Christmas. They have some beautiful gift ideas, wrapped in recycled scarves, that feel as soft as silk and look beautiful - all the patterns are unique and stunning. They also have an app that shows you the content of their gift boxes, which saves on extra packaging. Scan any gift box to see the content of it before you buy and scan any bath bomb to see how it will fizz in the bath. It's a new chapter for Lush and it's right here at The Royal Exchange!

Moda In Pelle & Irregular Choice - these shoe stores are very different in styles and they are both part of the eclectic and incredible Royal Exchange. Moda In Pelle, elegant and stylish, for the modern day lady, with plenty of heels and handbags, at affordable prices. Irregular Choice opts for a little more of a quirky vibe, colourful delightful shoes and boots, with wacky and unusual styles and designs, plenty of colour and lots of character.

Sostrene Green - brand new to The Royal Exchange, Sostrene Green is a Danish store, with an incredibly "Hygge" feel. Plenty of quaint interiors, dainty and simple and lovely quality they are incredibly diverse with what they sell. From little bits of food and drink to interiors and cute office supplies - I was very impressed with their little Christmas ornaments, and there is certainly lots of great gift ideas, from candles, to dainty dinner plates, art supplies and lots more to ensure you can adopt a happy and calming lifestyle!

Jenny Jones Jewellery - The lovely Amy spoke to me in detail about the brand and all the jewellery that they display - which is a lot! Nestled in the middle of the Exchange Arcade, it is one not to be missed, with jewellery from new brands and lots of vintage picks. I left the store with a stunning silver bee necklace by Kit Heath, one of their popular choices and it a beautiful dainty choice, perfect for Christmas! The whole store is divine, with a very beautiful refit, complete with chandeliers, pink suede chairs, it's a very elegant and classy store and it's full of every type of jewellery you could ever dream of! (They also have a brand new Olivia Burton range which is delightful!) Browse their website here.

The Fjallraven Store - the ultimate outdoors store, if you're planning adventures for 2020, this is the place to come! With plenty of coats and bags for travel, it is a store full of sustainable and durable products which make this a winner. It's time to explore!

Molton Brown - Molton Brown doesn't really need an introduction, but it's another reason to make sure you visit The Royal Exchange next time you're in the city centre of Manchester! Their store has an extensive range of gifts and brand new ranges, including frequent deals. I had never come across a store in Yorkshire that stores a multitude of perfumes and candles, so I spent a little bit of time spritzing myself with some of their delicious scents!

The Whisky Shop - for all the whisky lovers, this shop is for you! They have so many incredible brands, many of which are incredibly high quality and you can also purchase beautifully crafted decanters which make for perfect gifts, especially if you know someone who enjoys whisky as their tipple! It is Christmas, after all!

L'Occitane - this company originated in Luxembourg and has overtaken the UK market. it's such a lovely brand and their shops are equally as lovely. Their focus is on skincare and fragrances and they make the most wonderful gift ideas. L'Occtiane is just another one of the many great stores at The Royal Exchange!

Here is a full list of the shops in The Royal Exchange:

Coming soon to the arcade will be Amaranth well-being and will be opening sometime in December, as well as Yards Store which is soon to grace The Royal Exchange on Old Bank Street very soon!

Food & Drink 

If you are looking for something healthy and delicious and VEGAN, Vertigo is a great idea. With plenty of deliciously colourful salad bowls and delights, this is the place to stop for a little bit of brunch! If you're after something a little more regal, take the time to stop of at Annie's for Afternoon Tea (a la carte menu is also available), which is owned by the lovely Jennie McAlpine. For the family, TGI's and to sit in the centre of it all, there is Michael's coffeehouse for a cup of coffee and a nibble on a fruity cake - there is definitely something for everyone with all tastes, and the Exchange itself is such a quaint and classy area, it's a nice place to shop away from the main streets of the city.

I opted for a berry smoothie with a falafel bowl, a delicious bowl of goodness, and the roasted red peppers were not burnt or grilled, just cooked to perfection with a little bit of spice and a little bit of sweetness from the carrot. This place often gets packed out but take a peek at their menu, it's a great place for a stop off, lovely decor, great staff, the cafe is booming and the food is the ultimate in vegan deliciousness!

There is also The Remedy Kitchen inside the arcade, for all the health conscious shoppers!

So undoubtedly, The Royal Exchange is a must see for anyone visiting Manchester, there are plenty of incredible shops to see this Christmas, places to eat and within walking distance of all travel systems. Have you visited The Royal Exchange yet? I guarantee you won't regret it if you do!

*This post was written in collaboration with The Royal Exchange but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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