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Poland is a country that is famous for so many things, firstly, usually, World War 2 and the terrible atrocities bestowed oupon the country in general. Secondly when we think of Poland we think of magical European towns, that are just the best to explore in the winter months. Krakow is a city steeped in history, and there are many reminders left behind of World War 2. From the streets of the Jewish quarter and ghettos, although mostly the city was unscathed during the war because the Nazis were so determined to use the city as a place for trade. Krakow in general is inexpensive. Food in supermarkets is very cheap as are tours and general living costs. Of course hotels may not be as cheap.


Most of the main attactions can be found on foot. It is a large city but not huge, and you can walk from the castle to the Jewish quarters in less than half an hour. There are quite a few taxis around the area, but be sure to check it is legit, and that it shows pricing in the windows to avoid any fiddling with fares. Uber is available here of course, such a handy tool if you're a little further afield and need a lift back to your hotel.  There is no underground Metro system here but there are many trams, often busy, and can be used by tourists, but it's wise to plan the route well before you go but tickets are no more than around £2.50 average.


I stayed in Krakow at the INX Design Hotel,  a brand new hotel in the Jewish quarter that was definitely not a disappointment. Artsy, modern and so stylish with pops of colour everywhere and lots of marble that was definitely a big bonus for me. The rooms were stylish also, small a little perhaps but very comfortable and a little mood lihting also which was the highlight!

INX Design Hotel 4**** - click here to book.

There are a plethora of hotels in Krakow including most of the large chains also, be sure to have a little look here for more idea of what's available.

Typical Room - Hotel Design INX
Hotel Design INX
Top - www.wearall.com

Attractions To Make The Most Of

Wawel Castle - The walk along the Vistula River is lovely in any weather and can take you around the side of the Wawel Castle, a castle that blatantly is influenced by the medieval, baroque and renassaince periods. It's a little gothic in style, although not overly noticable, when compared to Budapest. It's exhibition  prices start at 90PLN (around £19), and there are a few exhibitions on offer, as the castle itself has many separate areas to explore. Outside is equally as beautiful and worth a trip to the grounds!

Entrance To The Castle

Stunning Architecture In Castle Grounds
Castle Grounds

View Of The Vistula River 


Wanders In The Castle

Jewish Quarter - The Jewish quarter is full of places to go inside and visit. The district itself is known as Kazimierz, and it's based a little further out of the main town, which you can access via Starowislna (street). It's full of small museums, and little untouched streets; you can hope on a little golf cart tour bus which takes you around all the areas of the city also, including this area of the city. Be sure to have a look at Galica Jewish MusuemGhetto Heroes Square and the Jewish Square.

Jewish Quarter

Auschwitz Birkenau - Auschwitz is a brilliant place to visit if you're in Krakow. Based only around an hour and a half away from Krakow, it is a must-see for history lovers and of course a wonderful way to pay your respects to the thousands of victims slaughtered during World War 2. Auschwitz and Birkenau are separated in two different camps and needless to say, both are fascinating. With a small area to eat and drink a couple of little shops, you can wander around on your own should you wish or go along with a tour group (recommended) which usually you can book just a day in advance from your hotel. Most hotels offer this and it's a good option as they will be able to pick you up from your hotel and not a meeting point, like some tours. Costs around £35 average. There is little else to say about this incredible place, I'll show some photos and let those do the talking. You shouldn't miss out on this if you're in Krakow.

Auschwitz Entrance
Original Signpost
The Blocks
Auschwitz Concentration Camp 

Auschwitz Concentration Camp
Birkenau Train Tracks
Birkenau Train Tracks
Birkenau Camp
Village - Returning To Krakow

There are quite a few restaurants in Krakow. It perhaps isn't as food orientated as some European cities but they are varied and inexpensive, and there are lots of choices. There are lots of little kiosks with traditional street food but here are a few places to wine and dine in if you're in the city. I did notice however that sushi seems to be a hit in Krakow, plenty of little sushi bars around to fulfil your need of a spicy tuna roll.

1. Starka Restaurant - a chic restaurant, classic themed, with traditional Polish food served under candlelight. Perfect for dates, or a little bit of a romantic atmosphere with your other half, or just for an elegant night out to celebrate being in this superb city.

2. Nago Sushi & Sake - a trendy Japanese restaurant dedicated to top quality delicious sushi and Japanese cuisine. Highlights being their sashimi. Highly ranked on TripAdvisor also and a perfect lunch spot.

3. Albertina - this luxurious restaurant is a brilliant way to indulge during your stay in Krakow. Known for it's world famous wines and highly acclaimed food and drink in general, Albertina brings out the best in Polish cuisine, for an indulgent stay!

Make sure you decide to tick Krakow off your European bucket list!
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